Community Garden Plots

Beth Haven Baptist Church in a desire to be a blessing to our community has put in community garden plots that are available to you our neighbors at no cost. The plots are 4’ x 10’ and can be divided in half if you want a smaller space. We have 76 plots available on a first come basis. All we ask from you is…

  1.  You are responsible to purchase your own seeds and plants. Ace Hardware on the corner of Western and 119th has graciously offered a 10% discount on seeds, plants, certain flowers and garden tools if you are registered for one of our garden plots.
  2. You are responsible to upkeep your own plot throughout the growing season. We have designed special plots that will eliminate the hard things about gardening. The beds are designed to be easy to weed and will not require any or much watering. If you choose to water you will need to bring the water yourself but it should not be necessary based upon the design of the garden beds.
  3. We ask that you would be a blessing to others as we are to you by donating a tenth of what you grow to our food pantry to be given away to the less fortunate. This is a way that you can give back to others while receiving a blessing yourself.
  4. If we have beds that are not spoken for we are going to plant them for the food pantry specifically. If you would like to help with these beds you are certainly welcome to.
  5. We will show you the techniques that are needed to plant these beds, it is quick and easy. There is no tilling that should be done at all.
  6. You need to put a sign with your name in your garden plot so that it is identified as yours. Everyone needs to know that there is always a possibility that vandals will mess with the gardens. We hope that you our neighbors will help keep an eye on each others plots but there is no security watch and it is always possible that unsavory characters will cause harm. We take no responsibility if this happens, it will cause us as much sorrow as it will you if it takes place.
  7. Pass the word on to your neighbors and if we have room they are welcome to come and join us.

If you are interested in having a plot please register below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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