Pastors say heterosexuals do not exist

Why Christians are losing the same sex marriage debate

By Judy D. Hooper No “manly” man would ever say that he was not a heterosexual, yet three Baptist pastors are making that claim. They also believe that after hearing their reasoning behind such a statement that others will follow suit. A quick look at recent headlines shows clearly that Christians are losing the gay marriage debate. The City of Houston is demanding that preachers turn over their sermons that deal with homosexuality or gender identity. A town in Idaho is threatening jail time and fines for pastors who won’t perform gay marriages. Businesses owned by Christians are being targeted because they choose not to bake a cake or take pictures for a gay wedding. Teachers in Lincoln, Neb., are being told to call their students purple penguins instead of boys and girls. There is a major effort underway to change this losing outcome by redefining the debate. Three pastors have joined forces to combat what they see as faulty reasoning inside Christian churches today and to help redefine what the gay marriage debate is really about. Dr. Johnny Nixon, pastor of First Love Baptist Church in Doerun, GA, as well as the counseling director for Born That Way Ministries has teamed up with evangelist, Dr. S.M. Davis, founder of Solve Family Problems ministries, and Dr. Rick Carter Jr., pastor of Beth Haven Baptist Church in Oklahoma City and founder of Hope Addiction Ministries. This effort began as a result of the groundbreaking book written by Dr. Johnny Nixon, titled, “Born That Way After All.” Dr. Nixon’s book presents a long-forgotten doctrine of the Bible concerning Matthew 19:11-12, that refers to some born without sexual desire as eunuchs. “The problem really began in America when the Irish Catholics immigrated and brought their doctrine of priestly celibacy,” Dr. Nixon said. “The protestant reaction was to erroneously change their long-held doctrine on eunuchs and begin teaching that God intended everyone to marry.” However, Dr. Nixon said this is simply not the case. He goes on to explain that the terms heterosexual and homosexual were first used in an 1869 pamphlet written anonymously by a novelist and “sexual deviant,” known as Karl-Maria Kertbeny. “He used these terms in his argument against a Prussian anti-sodomy law!” Dr. Nixon said. “Yet, Christians the world over now use his unbiblical terminology!” Dr. Carter points out, “Whoever defines the terms generally wins the debate. Christians are losing the debate because they have accepted terms that are fixed against them.” Dr. Davis agrees. “The problem with the debate,” Davis said, “is that we are answering the wrong questions. There is no right answer to the wrong question. Despite the fact that Americans in large part oppose things such as same sex marriage, it is being forced on us at an alarming rate. The reason is that those on the other side of the debate have been allowed to define the terms that are used. Christians and conservatives alike have accepted the other sides’ definitions regarding terms, and that is why they are losing the battle for the soul of America. “Do you remember how this whole debate began in the 1980’s and 90’s? It began with a faulty question. The faulty question that cannot be answered is, ‘Should homosexuals be given their civil rights?’ Do you see the flaw in the question itself that leads the mind in the wrong direction? The word ‘homosexuals’ makes them sound like someone who was “born that way” like different races were born with different color skin. The word “homosexual” itself is a faulty term that has been used to deceive almost our entire nation!” “In the context of sexual behavior, the Bible and nature teach the same truth,” Dr. Carter said. “God’s intent and command for mankind was to be fruitful and multiply. We see the same unwritten law in nature; whatever does not reproduce will ultimately cease to exist. Therefore, we must conclude the ultimate, though not only, purpose for sexual activity whether Biblically or naturally is reproduction. The Bible teaches us very clearly in Romans chapter one that sexual behavior outside of the union between a man and a woman is unnatural. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Paul wrote that men and women changed the natural use of sex into that which is against nature.” “Therefore, we have only two possibilities, natural sexual behavior and unnatural sexual behavior, not heterosexual and homosexual.” Dr. Carter continues this thought. “We have come to the point that physiology is now a question rather than a fact. Stop the madness! Everyone is born with a designated anatomy. There are no such things as ‘purple penguins;’ we are made men and women. Therefore, we must conclude that the ultimate purpose for sexual activity, whether Biblically or naturally, is reproduction. The terms that best apply to sexuality are not ‘heterosexual’ and ‘homosexual,’ rather they are natural and unnatural. Whatever tends toward reproduction is natural and whatever would not tend toward reproduction is unnatural.” Dr. Carter further explained it this way: “The question is about what is natural, not what is normal. What is accepted as normal can change based upon time and location. In America it is normal to own and drive a car, but this is not the case in many parts of the world. However, whether you are a wealthy American or from a village in the jungles of some remote island you are still naturally a man or a woman. Time and location change what is normal but not what is natural. Drs. Nixon, Davis and Carter believe firmly that the solution to the Gay Marriage Debate is clear: “If every minister, pastor and priest would boldly say, ‘I’m not heterosexual,’ accordingly, it’s true that no one is homosexual. We are all men and women, and our children are not ‘purple penguins.’ They are boys and girls!” “It is much easier to teach the Biblical truth that a person is a man or a woman,” Dr. Nixon said. “If a man says, ‘I am a homosexual,’ how does the Christian respond? With the simple truth: ‘No, you are a man. God created you as a man. God does not create homosexuals or heterosexuals. God created men and women.’” Once that is settled, Dr. Nixon said, Christians can define the interpersonal relationships that God has ordained as holy. “There are three basic relationships that God may call someone to: Marriage, Widow (widower) and Eunuch.” “The last one may have surprised you, though the first two are somewhat self-evident,” Dr. Nixon said. “Still, marriage is under attack. Marriage in the Bible is defined only as between a man and a woman. This is why the ‘gay’ community is so determined to redefine the word ‘marriage.’ This is critical to the ‘gay marriage debate!’ Biblically there should be no debate, but we have given credence to their arguments because we have unwittingly accepted the use of their terms.” A key element that has been missing from the discussion is the Biblical position of the last interpersonal relationship mentioned on the list above — the eunuch. “Your first response may be that a eunuch is not an interpersonal relationship at all, but it most certainly is,” Dr. Nixon said. “In our culture, we normally think of the word “eunuch” in the same sentence as the word “castration,” but that is only one type of biblical eunuch that God mentions.” “The disaster of this entire “debate” revolves around a misunderstanding that is prevalent within Christian circles,” Dr. Nixon continued. “In essence, we believe that God has called everyone to be married — or more generally to have sexual urges towards the opposite gender. Oh, not intellectually, but we believe this emotionally.” Drs. Nixon, Davis and Carter pose these questions regarding eunuchs: What if God, on purpose, created someone not to have these “normal” sexual urges? What if God created such a person to be “married” to Himself and His work? Is this not what Jesus taught? Matthew 19:12 – “For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” “Jesus lists three types of eunuchs,” Dr. Nixon explained. “The first are eunuchs that are born that way — the natural born eunuch. The word eunuch in the Greek means to be “alone in bed.” God created this individual not to have the so-called, normal sexual urges towards the opposite gender. There are any number of reasons for this, but all of them involve a special calling to serve God in a capacity where having a family might actually be a hindrance or a distraction (1 Corinthians 7:32-35). This individual’s interpersonal relationship is with the Lord! This teaching was prevalent throughout history all the way from the early church fathers up until the 1800s, but then it was lost. Unfortunately, today we have been conditioned to think this is just not normal, but it is absolutely normal. These individuals have a very special calling in their relationship to God.” “The second type of eunuch involves a man making another man a eunuch.” Dr. Nixon said. “The third type is when a person is a eunuch by choice, choosing to remain single rather than to marry.” “There is the crux of the matter,” Dr. Davis said. “Because we have accepted the world’s definitions, we tend to believe that everyone is either a heterosexual or a homosexual. Unfortunately, we then push people who don’t have the sexual urges they ‘are supposed to have’ towards the only group that will accept them — the gay community. In truth, these individuals are created by God to be eunuchs. They are men and women, but their purpose is to serve God in a way that many married individuals cannot. The so-called “debate” then shifts: it is no longer a “gay and marriage” issue, but a “God and marriage” issue.” “Many people who mistakenly think themselves to be “gay” or “homosexual” are actually the people who were created by God to have the most special relationship with God of anyone.” Dr. Davis said. “If this truth ever grabs hold in America, instead of ‘gays’ and pastors being on the opposite sides of this struggle, eunuchs and pastors will be hand in hand helping many deceived people ‘come out’ of their sexual confusion.” Dr. Nixon added, “Our studies have shown that eunuchs are typically more compassionate, better able to disciple people, enjoy cultivating many strong relationships, and are more willing to sacrifice of their time, money, and love for the cause of Christ. They tend to be very zealous for the Lord and are often freer to devote their lives to the purpose for which they were created.” “This simple truth has salvaged many lives that were heading towards, or who were already in, the gay/lesbian lifestyle,” Dr. Nixon said. “Our ministry has had the honor of seeing hundreds of eunuchs find their calling, their purpose, and their acceptance in the Lord, and within our churches. We are pushing back against sexual perversion and seeing the momentum shift in favor of biblical teaching. We are no longer debating the right or wrong of gay marriage, but because we bring the truth of the Biblical eunuch to the forefront of a new debate, these individuals who would once choose the road of gay marriage are now realizing their purpose in Christ. And we are winning!” Dr. Nixon was recently asked to speak to a “Gay Club’ on a college campus by a young man named Sam who had “come out” of the gay lifestyle after discovering who he really was. “Bro. Johnny, before I knew who I really was, I joined a club on campus – a gay club. They still have me as a member, but I’ve not been attending,” Sam said. “They wanted to know why, so I told them. I told them everything I knew, but they are still very curious. They asked if you would mind coming and talking to the club. Would you?” Dr. Nixon said, “At first I was hesitant to speak to a ‘Gay Club,’ but I did, and they listened intently! The ‘president’ of the club was kind and seemed to be genuinely interested. After briefly discussing Jesus’ words in Matthew 19, we read Romans 1 and talked about the natural versus the unnatural and how none of it really matters unless we address the spiritual. I shared the gospel with them and the club leader received Christ! Two other young men on the spot declared their deliverance from sexual sin!” I remembered again the day that Sam had said to me, “That’s it! I’m not Gay. I’m a Eunuch!” Dr. Nixon, Davis and Carter are adamant that if truth is going to win, Christians must change their vocabulary altogether. “The Biblical eunuch revitalizes a truth that has long been absent,” Dr. Nixon said. “Its truth gives us the ability to redefine exactly what it is we are fighting for: Truth! In that, we seek not to win an argument with our nation, but to win its soul instead.” For more information about “natural born eunuchs” and how they are being reached go to (Judy D. Hooper is a freelance journalist in Oklahoma City)